2011 March

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Fresh Snow

Posted March 31st, 2011 by lance with No Comments

We here in Northeast Ohio get to ‘enjoy’ late snowfall pretty much every year. Just when you think the weather is starting to finally turn, you get blasted with a storm. We will probably even get hit again in April! One positive I can take from this one, is I thought it would be a good opportunity to run out and get some photos of the fresh snowfall. No matter what your feelings on snow, I think we can all agree that it does make for some beautiful scenery.

New Feature – Favorites

Posted March 2nd, 2011 by lance with No Comments

I am excited to announce a new feature called ‘Favorites’. I will be asking the couples who’s weddings I photographed to pick their one single favorite image from their day. To go along with it, they will be writing a brief explanation as to why that one image means more to them than any others from the day. I will also be picking my favorite image from the day, which oftentimes will be different from theirs, and I will include a brief explanation as to why that image stood out to me. I think this will be a very unique and enlightening way to see what images stand out to myself, what images stand out to my clients, and why.

The first wedding I’m going to feature is Dean & Colleen’s from October 16th of 2010. They had their ceremony at the beautiful Boardman Park Chapel in Youngstown Ohio. The original blog post for their wedding can be found here.

The image that Dean & Colleen picked was this one:

Dean & Colleen’s explanation: “While the light in the background may not be perfect, and people would likely go with color most times, we went with content. We just felt it was the most natural picture of us, in the moment, one which summed up the feel of the entire day, and one in which we weren’t even aware we were being photographed. While it seems that Dean is uber-conscious of being photographed in most of the images that were meant to be “off the cuff,” this was the most natural.”

I also really like this image, it really is a genuine moment of joy that the two shared during their first dance as husband and wife. I actually prefer black & white for this image, I think it adds to it.

The image I have chosen as my favorite from the day is:

It really was hard to choose, there were a lot of beautiful images from the day featuring the picturesque surroundings of the Chapel but I felt this was a great moment capturing childhood innocence and excitement. This little girl had instructions to walk down the aisle and look cute. She certainly did that, but along the way saw a familiar face in the crowd and ran over to say hi. A minor detour on the way down, with a gentle reminder and lots of laughs from the assembled guests, she was sent off to finish her mission.

That concludes this edition of Favorites, I hope to be posting several more soon so keep checking back.